Feel your pain.

Dr Foster's Story

Therapy For Your Mind, Body, & Soul

As a clairvoyant medium of 38 years, I have come to realize that therapy is not always spoken, or verbally and emotionally experienced. It is a physical undertaking that we feel in every sense of the word. Physically we experience joy, happiness, pain, and pleasure as we move through our lives, and recovery and fulfillment are not always unspoken and unseen. Many people I have met have not only wanted to talk and listen, cry, scream, and sigh, but also to feel the release. This is where tattoos come into this therapy equation. Tattoos are a form of art for sure, expression absolutely, but also release. And I am so grateful and proud that Yahweh has brought me to this junction of healing for others.


Free Tattoos for those who want scars covered.

I believe in giving back. If you or someone you know has scars, I will cover them with something beautiful to mark the moment in their lives, like putting something to rest. No charge. Tips accepted.

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